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Laurel halo 2010 king felix альбом архивом: специи передача

Dec 9, 2010 November 2010. Style /. Synth Pop King Felix is a different animal altogether. Balance presents Siren with Laurel Halo, The Empire. Apr 16, 2012 . Listen to music without someone's breakable body in mind. The Brooklyn-via-Ann Arbor electronic artist Laurel Halo recently posted This 12" is one of the best things that happened to electronic music in 2010.and maybe even in the 00s. I gave it 1 star less for that misfit remix as the ending. Oct 29, 2010 New Release: Laurel Halo: King Felix EP. Laurel Halo. Artist: Laurel Halo EP: King Felix Release Date: October 29 2010. Share on Facebook.

Hippos In Tanks have evidently turned out some of the year's most addictively essential releases, but none more so than Laurel Halo's 'King Felix.

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