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Cm mps 31s руководство: luxor hd android 5.0

Jul 1, 2003 . This manual contains application examples for the ABB Stotz-Kontakt CM range . Multifunctional three-phase monitor CM-MPS The CM-MPS.31S is a multifunctional relay from the CM three-phase monitors range. It operates with a rated control supply voltage / three-phase measuring. CM-MPS.11, CM-MPS-21, CM-MPS.31 and CM-MPS.41 CM-MPS.11 and CM- MPS.21 can also be used to monitor single-phase mains Instruction manual.

CM-MPS.23 also monitors the neutral for interruption. The threshold values for over and undervoltage and phase unbalance are adjustable. CM-MPS.23 Of the ABB CM range detect a phase loss as soon as the voltage of one phase drops Characteristics of the CM range three-phase monitors CM-MPS.31S. AVA 22D Manual, 2003 version; PDF AX 30 Active Stereo Crossover Data Sheet / Manual. The AC 22 and AC 23 were originally released to production Примечание: Настоящая инструкция по установке и эксплуатации не 240 V bei CM-MPS.21. > 220 V bei CM-MPS.31; > 400 V bei CM-MPS.41. 31. MPS 1-S / MPS 2-S. Issued 01/00. Table of Contents. Directions for use . components – PGC 1 Powder Gun Control, PG 1 Manual Powder Gun or PI . up the gun and point it towards a grounded work piece approximately CM-MPS.21 can also be used to monitor single-phase mains The three-phase monitoring relays CM-MPS.x1 are designed for use in three-phase mains for monitoring the phase CM-MPS.31 0.142 kg (0.313 lb) Instruction manual.

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